10 Burners Range with Oven

SKU: AER-2-B10-60

All Stainless-Steel construction, interior and exterior front,
and sides. To include Stainless-Steel grate supports,
burner support and pilot tubing. The all Stainless-Steel
construction is designed to last and perform in the most
demanding kitchens.

Heavy gauge welded frame on 6” adjustable legs, Stainless-
Steel back riser durable enough to hold your broiler without
any additional supports. Comes standard with Stainless-Steel
cantilever shelf with an optional extended shelf for broiler

For the safety and convenience of operators, our Asber
ranges come standard with a 5” Stainless Steel bull nose
landing ledge, Zamac heat resistant knobs for added
durability, and reinforced valve system for extra safety.