6 Burners Range with Oven

SKU: AER-6-36

Standard Features
  • All non-ferrous stainless steel construction: interior, exterior, front, sides, landing ledge, valve controls and kick plate.
  • Heavy gauge welded front frame.
  • 6 “ legs with adjustable steel feet.
  • Heat is radiated upguard.
  • Stainless steel high shelf with backguard riser.
  • One stainless steel non-clog standing pilot for each burner for instant ignition.
  • Optimum heat distribution with heavy duty angled radiants.
  • Heavy duty 12”x 12” cast iron top grates, removable for easy cleaning, industry standard size.
  • Cast in grease trough allows excess fat to flow, minimizing excessive flair up
Options & Accesories
  • Specify gas and elevation if over 2,000ft. (610m.).
  • NG models include transformation kit for LPG.
  • 5" Casters.
  • Additional racks for oven.
  • Extended overshelf for salamander.