AMSQ Mesquite Wood Charbroilers

SKU: 1939

Item # Description
AMSQ-60 60" Mesquite Wood Char Broiler
AMSQ-48 48" Mesquite Wood Char Broiler
SQ-36 36" Mesquite Wood Char Broiler
AMSQ-30 30" Mesquite Wood Char Broiler


Standard Features

  • Stainless Steel rugged exterior body.
  • Built-in gas log lighter burner with adjustable gas valve and standing pilot for instant ignition.
  • Large stainless steel door with handle located on front of the broiler allows easy loading and moving of wood/charcoal.
  • Open bottom grate design allows continuous updraft for optimum fuel combustion.
  • Heavy duty fire box is lined with refractory bricks that protect interior from burn out.
  • Heavy duty cast iron top grates provide attractive broiler markings.
  • Broiler may use any type of wood or charcoal.
  • Requires either legs or stand.