Boutique Convection and Deck Oven - KX-5+H+2EMT+S35

SKU: KX-5+H+2EMT+S35
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Motorised damper
In all versions. It do away with the need for manual operator action halfway through cooking.

Sealed baking chamber

Double-glazed door with easy-open system for cleaning. Cool external glass due to a system of thermal insulation and “Low-E” low emissivity glass.

Bakery door in EMT oven
With a new mechanism for easy cleanliness.

High density insulation
High capacity of heat retantion inside the oven.

Rapid recovery and high permormance steam generator.



New aesthetics
The new aesthetic provides quality and elegance to the product, that next to the robustness that transmit the new handles, mark the personality of SALVA.

Variety of baking
The combination of convection and radiation ovens provide variety of baking to the customer, giving the possibility of produce a large variety of products.

ECO energy design
Full load resistance is active only the 55% of the baking time in the kwik-co oven.

The E-FUTURE control panel means it can connect to the internet via the SALVA LINK program and be controlled from any mobile device.

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