Hiigh-Temp Dishwasher with 14kW Booster

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The KHT-14B high temperature dishmachine with a built in booster that can increase the water temperature 100°F. Attractively designed and built with durable stainless steel, this machine is built to insure sparkling results and outstanding longevity. The KHT-14B would make a nice addition to your kitchen.


How it Works

Knight High Temperature Dishmachine with 14K booster (KHT-14B) is a rack loading fully automatic dish washing machine with three adjacent sides that can be lifted to open for loading or unloading racks. When the wash tank is filled up to the required water level, as the door is closed, the machine will automatically run wash and rinse cycles. At the end of each cycle, a buzzer will sound to indicate the cycle is over. As the door is closed again, the KHT-14B starts to run another cycle.


  • Built In 14 KW Booster Can Boost Temperature 100 Fahrenheit
  • 60 and 90 Second Cycle Times
  • Up To 53 Racks Per Hour
  • Upper and Lower Rotating Wash and Rinse
  • Auto-fill and Auto-start
  • Prewired Electrical Connection
  • Prewired Chemical Signals
  • Three Door Configuration All The Time
  • Completely Closed In

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