iCombi® Pro XS E UltraVent

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Intelligent, connectable cooking system with the operating modes poultry, meat, fish, egg dishes/desserts, side dishes/vegetables, baked goods and finishing as well as the cooking methods roasting, cooking, baking and grilling.

  • Combi steamer as per DIN 18866 (in manual mode).
  • For most cooking processes used in commercial kitchens.
  • For using steam and convection, individually, one after the other, or combined.

UltraVent uses recirculating technology to capture steam as it escapes. An additional, external connection or extension to an existing exhaust air system is not required for this air-recirculation hood.


  • Removable, swivel hinging rack with flexible rack options on 7 levels
  • Large selection of accessories for various cooking procedures, such as grilling, braising or baking
  • For use with 1/2, 2/3, 1/3 GN accessories

Combi-steamer mode

  • Steaming 86 °F - 266 °F
  • Convection 86 °F – 572 °F
  • Combination of steam and convection 86 °F – 572 °F

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