Kattex Quick French Fry Cutter

SKU: 3925
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Item # Description
HFC-500 1/2" Cut French Fry Cutter
HFC-250 1/4" Cut French Fry Cutter
HFC-BK Wall Bracket for HFC-series
HFC-375K Pusher Block for 3/8" Cut Blade
HFC-250K Pusher Block for 1/4" or 1/2" Cut Blade
HFC-500B 1/2" Cut Blade Assembly
HFC-375B 3/8" Cut Blade Assembly
HFC-250B 1/4" Cut Blade Assembly
HFC-500R 1/2" Cut Replacement Blade
HFC-375R 3/8" Cut Replacement Blade
HFC-250R 1/4" Cut Replacement Blade
HFC-375 3/8" Cut French Fry Cutter

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