Kwik-co Convection Oven - 2KX-5+H+KXE-20

SKU: 2KX-5+H+KXE-20
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Motorised vent damper
In all versions. It do away with the need for manual operator
action halfway through cooking.

Is the core of the oven. It´s auto-reverse rotation every
two minutes guarantees even cooking.

Side air tanks
Designed for an even distribution of airflow throghout the
chamber to ensure excellent product cooking.

PREMIUM control panel
It consists of 100 programs, shot power, additional information
on cooking and access to SALVALINK.

Rapid recovery steam producer


ECO energy design
Full load resistance is active only the 55% of the cooking time.

Stainless steel casing
Guarantees the aesthetic balance of the tempered glass with usage requirements, protecting it as a sort of bumper.

Robust and reliable handle
Marking all the personality of SALVA.

Double-glazed door with easy-open system for cleaning. Cool external glass due to a system of thermal insulation and “Low-E” low emissivity windows.

Hinged air tanks
Guarantees a easy access to the cooking chamber for cleaning.

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