Modular Deck Oven 3 tray (Bakery Door) - NXE-3009-B3-V3-S435

SKU: NXE-3009-B3-V3-S435
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Electrical polyvalent oven for trays formed by three modules or independent chambers apilables that allow to mount the oven so that it adapts to the current and future needs of the client.


Two bread doors per module
The glass is easy to replace and also to clean

Allogenic lighting

Bolinig Chamber
Fixed. Aluminized sheets in the oven sides. The soil and ceiling are black blued Steel.

Advance Control Panel
It allows adapting the program to te baked product, controlling the percentage of heating elements, the steam injection time, the temperature and the baking time.

Rapid recovery steam producer


Lower consumption
The POWER MASTER CONTROL system allows it to operate 33% bellow nominal power.

Better baking
The system of electrical resistances crossing the ceramic bricks, the heart of the SALVA modular oven, ensures excellent baking.

More programs
The new control panel has up to 100 different programs allowing different baking phases.

The cooking temperature is up to 300ºC due to the additional reinforcement of the baking chamber.

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