Sirocco Rotary & Revolving Oven - SK-21 E+V

SKU: SK-21-E+V
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Aspiration turbine
Ensures a uniform and homogeneous distribution of the steam generated and the result is a product with an unbeatable aspect.

Great quantity and quality steam producer with a quick recovery and uniform distribution of steam in all the boiling or cooking.

Control panel
Possibility to choose between two types of panels. STANDARD: 8 programs and power shot. PREMIUM: 100 programs, shot power, additional information on cooking and access to SALVALINK.

Boiling chamber
The rotation platform and air speed is very low, making a soft and suitable boiling for the product.


Electrical batteries
Is an electric model, witch consists of a few batteries that make possible the operation of the oven.

Boiling quality
The octagonal design of the firing chamber provides regularity of temperature in the entire chamber, guaranteeing regularity of boiling in the product.

Redesigned door
The increase thickness of the door isolates the heat inside. The opening axis reinforcement and the incorporation of a sturdy handle mark the personality of SALVA providing reliability and extending working life to the oven.

Temperature sensor integrated
Is located on the intake air drive area. Gets a quick temperature recovery and the inertias of the oven are reduced.

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