SOMERSET Dough Sheeter

SKU: 2050
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Item # Description
CDR-700 Extra Heavy Duty Dough Sheeter 20"
CDR-100 Dough Sheeter 10"
CDR-600F Dough and Fondant Sheeter 30"
CDR-500F Dough and Fondant Sheeter 20"
CDR-500 Dough Sheeter 20"


Standard Features

  • Compact design with front or side operation.
  • Foodservice grade all stainless steel construction.
  • Ergonomic design for ease of use, safety, speed, simplicity, and sanitation.
  • Synthetic rollers which eliminate dough buildup.
  • Safety sensors for automatic shutoff.
  • Spring-loaded scrapers for easy removal and cleaning.
  • Simple handle adjustments for precise uniform dough thickness.
  • Maintenance-free drive mechanism isolated from roller area.

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