Countertop Deck Ovens

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Item # Description
CDO-18 Countertop Deck Ovens


Standard Features

  • Enclosed electric cooking oven with 60 minute timer.
  • The deck is ceramic phosphates (asbestos free).
  • The deck is removable for easy cleaning. 
  • Deck size is 17 3/4”  x 17 3/4”.
  • Each deck has stainless steel edging.
  • Thermostat range from 140F–550F with off position.
  • Three prong 6 ft power cord supplied.
  • Unitized, welded, aluminized steel interior.
  • Balanced door, stay down in the open position.
  • Bakes pizza up to 16” diameter, cookies, casseroles, pretzels, hot sandwiches, and pies.
  • Fully insulated.

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